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Hello there!

Welcome to Brightside Farm.

We're Bec, Jon  Sunshine & Scooby. We are so excited you are here!

Our Story

Initially what brought  Bec & Jon together was their love for the ocean. Both keen surfers, they would spend every spare moment they had on their surfboards waiting for that perfect wave. 

Whilst the ocean will always run in their blood, Bec and Jon are now embarking on a new journey- life on the land. 

The couple is in the midst of creating their very own small homestead from scratch. Brightside farm is set in the beautiful hinterland of Noosa, Australia, just 10 minutes from the beach. It is here they plan on raising a family, planting a small orchard, growing their own organic vegetables and herbs, collecting fresh chook eggs, composting, setting up a greenhouse and all things farm life-related. 

New Project 2019-05-04 12_09_34.jpg


They have created this little online space with the hope that you'll come along for the ride.  Their journey will most definitely be a learn as they go experience. Passion will lead the way and they look forward to sharing all their trials, errors and successes with you.

It has always been a big dream of Becs to grow her own food and together they are making this dream a reality. Jon never really understood the importance of fresh, organic wholesome foods until he met Bec and has since completely transformed the way he eats.

One of their daily non-negotiables is starting their day off with a nutritious smoothie. As a passionate cook and recipe developer, Bec calls the kitchen her office where you'll find her whipping up all sorts of delicious and wholesome goodies from scratch. She can't wait to share more of her recipes with you. 

Bec + Jon

In 2019 they welcomed Sunshine, a beautiful Golden Retriever into their lives. Shiney (as they affectionately call her) is a total beach bum but also embraces life on the land.  If she isn't chasing waves, you'll likely find her ferreting in the compost or munching on a mango under the tree.

Sunshine is a wholefoods pooch. She doesn't eat kibble or any processed doggie food. Bec & Jon believe in giving their little furry friend the best chance at life by feeding her as a natural diet as possible. They'll be posting more about this in the future so more pooches can jump on wholefoods bandwagon. 

This beautiful creature inspired me to p

We can't wait to get going and hope to inspire you along the way.  Whether it be a delicious new wholesome recipe, health and wellness tips, learnings from the farm or the occasion life update, it will all be found here on the blog

Oh, and don't forget to grab your copy of our FREE ebook! Where we share 6 of our favourite chocolate recipes that you and your family will just love. 


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