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Brightside Farm Is Moving! (plus the story of an eagle)

If you have been following us on Instagram lately you will know we have a lot of exciting changes coming up. One of those is that we are MOVING! We are absolutely ecstatic about the magical new property we have found and can't get in there quickly enough. Whilst we do love the farmhouse and property we have created here in the Noosa Hinterland we are so ready for more! Here is a little sneak peek of what's to come...

Our vision of creating a true hobby farm, being self-sufficient, and having an animal rescue needs more land! Call us recluses, but the truth is, with all that is going on in the world, we simply want to get away from society (sorry, not so sorry). Our vision is to raise a family in a homesteading environment. I guess you could say we want to go a little old school but with a few modern perks. Our 1.5 acres is about to turn into a magnificent 70 acres! ⁣

When we first started looking at properties I happened to be re-reading one of my favorite books by Gabby Bernstein- The Universe Has Your Back. In this book, Gabby talks about asking the Universe for "signs" to guide you toward your path. Kind of like a hint from the cosmos that you are on the right track. I decided that morning to ask the Universe to show us an eagle when we had found the right property. An eagle in some form or another would be our sign from the Universe that we had found our perfect new home.

Jon committed to house hunting like it was a full-time job. He would spend hours every night for weeks searching for new properties. He would arrange inspection after inspection and each time we would walk away totally disappointed. We were starting to doubt that what we truly desired didn't actually exist and even found ourselves trying to envision living in properties we didn't even like!

I kept coming back to the eagle- and reminding ourselves we hadn't seen one YET, because our property was still out there! We were looking for a diamond in the rough, not your modern family home. It had to be rustic with plenty of usable land. If you know us well, you’ll know we don’t like normal!

And then, we found it! The most out-of-the-ordinary & quirky property. It had all the feels! It was one of those moments when you know, you just know! No property had captured our hearts like this one! A rustic work-in-progress barn house on 70 magical acres. It was totally US!

Driving back home after the inspection Jon mentioned that we had not seen our eagle?! To which I replied out loud, "Universe if this is our property, show us our eagle!"

Given that we are expecting a baby, and still dealing with cancer I wondered whether we would be taking on too much. There are no actual bedrooms and the bathroom is well, definitely a work in progress. The kitchen needs a facelift and 70 acres of land is no small feat.

When we arrived home that day, however, the Universe truly showed up! You wouldn't believe it, but there in the sky was an eagle circling our property. The angels knew this was our home and so did our hearts!

So here we are, just weeks from moving, and can hardly contain ourselves. We are so ready for another big adventure and have huge plans for this property. As picturesque as it looks, it needs A LOT of work but we can't wait to dive right in! Although, by the time we move I will be 6 months pregnant and on light duties, which will definitely be hard.

The barn house backs onto a creek and has an abundance of already-established fruit trees. Mulberries, avocado, citrus, coffee beans, macadamias, mangoes, and stone fruit, plus plenty of room for the biggest veggie patch ever! There is a lovely big dam just waiting for some ducks to call it home, and plenty of space for any animal that needs a home.

We will completely gut the kitchen but it does come with an old wood stove which I am totally keen to try out! Wood-fired pizza anyone? And below is our bedroom-to-be. It's currently an old garage.

And I have saved the best until last. This is the bathroom. It's functional, but definitely a little rustic at the moment. This will be our first project to get underway.

So there you have it! I can't wait to share all our new Brightside Farm adventures with you over the coming months and so much more. Stay tuned :)

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