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My theme for 2022

I have been pondering over what energy, themes & intentions I would like to bring into 2022. One of my biggest focuses for this year is launching and building my new business Just B Pottery. In saying that, the energy that I am currently being drawn into is slowness.

I have been contemplating recently on how I can bring “slowness” into this time of my life. It’s important that I enjoy this process, am feeling in flow with The Universe, and feel calm & balanced.

Obviously, my big healing journey from cancer is still in the background (or more like the foreground of all this). Bringing slowness into my new business will be a new form of healing for me. We often think of starting a new business as being stressful, as a super busy time that involves long hours, hustle, and a go-go-go mentality. I know however that this energy would not be healing to me, even if it's doing something I love! Launching Just B Pottery is part of my healing journey and I need to make sure I go about it in a healing way, otherwise, it has the potential to be counterproductive.

As I was scrolling through a long list of potential feel-good words for 2022 I definitely felt a pull towards ease, flow, stillness, mindfulness, calmness, centeredness, and rest. At the same time, I also love feeling productive. I recall the conversation that went on in my head at that moment. "You can't be slow & productive Bec, you have to pick one or the other". So what did I do? I picked another word! Ha. But that word just wasn't landing for me and I have since come full circle with the following realization.

The Fastest Way To Be More Productive Is To In Fact SLOW DOWN.

Let that sink in. Yes, like many, I suffer from guilt-itis when I am not being productive but sometimes the most productive thing we can do is to actually slow down. Not being busy can feel awkward and unnatural. I had been telling myself that being slow meant being lazy, a slacker. The guilt creeps in because we are not accomplishing something, but I am learning that being busy does not equal productivity.

This past 12 months I have definitely been caught up in the busyness of healing. As a society, we have been conditioned to take the approach of being busy, productive, and always "working/doing" even in the realm of healing. Sometimes the healing is actually in learning how to "be" rather than how to "do".

In light of this, I have in fact actually decided to drop a number of my "self-care" routines. Even though these were nourishing rituals, my long self-care list became a form of busyness that perpetuated feelings of stress & anxiety rather than healing. It can be a vicious cycle but balance is key.

I intend to bring slowness into my business, into my life & into my relationship this year. I still aspire to get a lot done, however, it will be infused with a different kind of energy. A slower energy.


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