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What My Morning Routine Looks Like

I don't know about you, but I love morning rituals. I thrive on structure, routine, and the discipline needed to make it happen. Morning routines are a beautiful way to nourish and supercharge you for the day ahead. At the moment, as I do all I can to support myself through cancer my morning routine is rather lonnng. As time goes on, this will change but here is what my current morning routine looks like.

A lot of what I am currently doing is to heal my body of cancer, however, you don't need cancer to incorporate many of these beautiful nourishing rituals into your own morning routine.

5.30-6.00 am

Right now, I don't set an alarm. My body has gone through a lot these past few months and I want it to soak up all the rest it needs! I allow my body to wake up naturally which is usually about this time, give or take.

  • The pooches jump in bed with us and we have some big family cuddles. I always said the dogs weren't to be allowed in our bed but (oops) this rule has totally slipped!

6 am

  • I turn on the WIFI. Turning off the WIFI at night reduces the amount of EMFs we are exposed to.

  • Scrape my tongue. This is an Ayurvedic practice I learnt many years ago when I travelled to India. It involves the practice of gently scraping the tongue with a u-shaped metal tool to remove the debris & bad bacteria on the surface of the tongue.

  • Oil pulling for 20 minutes using coconut oil. This is another ancient Ayurvedic practice that involves swishing oil in your mouth to help detoxify not only the mouth but the entire body.

Whilst I am oil pulling I will do the following.

  • Feed the dogs. They get a super nourishing breakfast (usually steamed sweet potato, mixed pulverized vegetables, and a raw chicken carcass.

  • Prepare my first juice for the day. This is usually celery, beetroot, carrot, ginger, turmeric & lemon.

  • Vacuum the house! (yep this is one of the first things I do in the morning as the dog hair is insane).

Spit out the oil into the rubbish bin (you don't want this to go down the sink)

  • Vitamin c & bicarb drink. Both vitamin C & bicarbonate inhibit the spread of cancer. They also both help to alkalize the body.

  • 5-minute run. This short burst of exercise is purely to get my lymph flowing and moving. I ain't running no marathon. When I am running I will often repeat the mantra "every cell in my body is radiantly healthy".

  • 500ml ozonated water with essiac tea. I have an ozone machine that infuses my water with oxygen (another cancer therapy I use) along with essiac tea, a herbal tea that has anti-cancer properties, supports immunity and detoxification.

  • Coffee enema. This is a powerful liver tool. This usually takes about 20 minutes. I use this opportunity of "downtime" to listen to my sound healing meditation and read an inspiring book.

  • Feed and let the chickens out.

  • 15 minutes of light yoga and stretching.

  • Breathe work. A big part of my healing which I haven't really talked about it regulating my activated nervous system through intentional breathing techniques.

  • Cold Shower. This stimulates the immune system and is another tool used to regulate my nervous system.

  • Transdermal breast applications. I directly apply iodine, ozonated oil, and/or THC oil to my breast which is absorbed directly through the skin.

  • Supplements. I add green powder, medicinal mushroom powder, whole food probiotic powder, and natural vitamin c to my juice. At this time I will also take magnesium, iodine, apricot kernels, selenium, B vitamins, vitamin D & trace minerals. I also take CBD oil and frankincense under my tongue.

  • More supplements. Vitamin c in the form of sodium ascorbate, more greens powder, oregano & grapefruit seed extract. I take even more supplements throughout the day. I will write another blog post on everything I take.

Pheww. So there you have it, that's what I'm busy doing each morning. Yep, it takes time- a couple of hours to be precise, but right now this is my priority. My job right now is to heal.

It won't always look like this, and in fact, it doesn't always look like this right now. Some mornings I sleep in, other mornings I skip a bunch of things and we take the pooches for a walk down to the beach instead. A beautiful beach walk is just as healing as stretching it out with a downward dog!

Sometimes I burn white sage and smudge myself and the house inviting good vibes and positive energy into my space. I sometimes listen to a mediation whilst I am doing my yoga or I may even listen to a recording of my own voice saying my personal affirmations.

I am always fascinated by morning routines and would love to know what your morning looks like! Let me know in the comments below!!

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