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My Cancer Protocol

Just as there are many reasons for cancer, there are so many ways to heal from cancer.

What is important is to believe in your choices –to believe you can heal and are worthy of healing. Elyn Jacobs

Despite already knowing the answer, I questioned my specialist as to why he believed I "got" the big C in the first place. His response was of no surprise to me. According to the conventional medical model, my cancer was caused either by a genetic factor (10-15% likely) or simply bad luck. Wow! That's empowering. NOT.

While I do believe that genetics can influence some conditions, I certainly don't buy into the notion that I, or anyone else for that matter, got struck by a 'bad luck stick'. Cancer is not something that you just 'get'. As I've always said, I see cancer as a messenger, a wake up call and a sign that SOMETHING in your life is out of balance. That something is unique to each and every one of us. Sometimes it's obvious, sometimes you have to go digging for the gold.

We all know that exposure to tabacco, asbestos and obesity all come with an increased risk of cancer. But did you know that trapped toxic emotions and emotional trauma can also manifest as cancer too? Nutritional deficiency, toxic overload, a poor immune system, carcinogen exposure, vaccines (yep, I said it) and electromagnetic fields can all contribute to imbalances in the body and lead to cancer.

So, if cancer is the result of an already sick and malfunctioning body it does not make sense to me to add further insult to injury by using the standard of care- chemotherapy and radiation. Chemotherapy is a toxic poison and in fact is a known carcinogen (cancer causing). How's that for a truth bomb! It devastates the immune system and can cause permanent damage to vital organs.

Treating cancer with chemotherapy is like treating alcoholism with vodka. Its like treating heart disease with cheese and diabetes with high-fructose corn syrup. Cancer can not be cured by the very thing that causes is.

Mike Adams

Saying no to chemotherapy and radiation was an easy decision for me to make. I have no hesitation or anxiety in making that choice. As you will see, I've chosen therapies which build, nourish and heal my body rather than to poison, kill and destroy.

Ironically, according to conventional medicine because I have refused standard therapy (chemotherapy and radiation) I am seen statistically as doing "nothing". I find this rather amusing! I'll let you make the call on that one after reading this post.

Following is a wonderful list of everything I either have done or am currently doing to heal my WHOLE self. But remember, there is no magic bullet. There is no one right cancer therapy for everyone. This is my path, my choices, my journey. There is a plethora of tools available to us and these are the specific treatments I have chosen to add into my cancer healing protocol. You may choose differently and that's ok. The choices that I have made have been based on what I have access to, treatments that are within my budget and most importantly what I intuitively felt was right for me.

Healing comes in many forms. For some, our physical bodies are what need healing, for others it's their hearts which need the healing and for some it's the mind that needs healing. For me, it was all three!

My healing cancer protocol

Supplement therapy

  • Digestive enzymes (taken with each meal)

  • Medicinal mushrooms

  • B complex

  • Probiotic

  • Magnesium

  • Multi-vitamin

  • Vitamin D drops

  • Iodine drops

  • GABA

  • Melatonin drops

  • Selenium drops

  • Super greens powder (taken 3 times a day)

  • High dose oral vitamin c (10 tsp a day)

  • Vitamin C infusions (30g twice a week through an IV)

  • Frankincense essential oil (orally)

Changes to my diet

  • Nutritional Ketogenic diet (with a high emphasis on vegetables especially greens)

  • Daily green juices (500ml twice a day)

  • Eliminated all sugar and carbohydrates

  • Short cooked bone broth (to reduce glutamine)

  • High dose fermented foods (coconut yoghurt, kefir, fermented fruit/vegetables)

  • Continued with a mostly organic diet

Detoxification methods

  • Coffee enemas (every morning)

  • Colonics (weekly)

  • 6 month gut-healing program (parasites, virus, candida cleanse)

  • Lymphatic drainage massage (this made the world of difference after my surgeries)

  • Infrared sauna

  • Charcoal tablets

  • Bentonite clay powder

Mindfulness, Spirituality & Emotional Well-being

  • I took charge of my own health and healing journey

  • Journaling

  • Meditation (every morning)

  • Practice gratitude regularly

  • Affirmations (a big focus on positive self talk)

  • Followed my intuition & dug for the meaning of my cancer (deepened my spiritual connection)

  • Quit my job! (Probably the most significant change for me on a soul level)

  • Started on a new and exciting business endeavor (which totally lights me up and I can't wait to share)

  • Animal therapy (I employed Sunshine & Scooby for this one)

  • Filled my days with things I LOVE to do

  • Punched pillows and yelled in the car (with my windows up of course)

  • Processing negative emotions + healing relationships and triggers in my life

  • Chiropractic work for the nervous system (weekly sessions)

  • Remained positive, confident and simply took one day at a time

  • Carried a rose quartz in bra

Oral Health

All disease begins in the gut (and don't forget the gut starts in the mouth)

  • Made that overdue dentist appointment (I needed 5 fillings)

  • Saw a hygienist

  • Tape mouth when sleeping

  • Oil pulling (every morning for 20 minutes)

  • Salt and bi carb mouth rinses

  • Floss every evening

Outside Support

  • Found a Holistic doctor

  • Educated myself! Books, podcasts, DVDs (The Truth About cancer DVDS + the book Radical remissions were my life savers)

  • Surrounded myself with positive people (My family + Jon have been amazing)

  • Said NO to chemotherapy and radiation

  • Had a lumpectomy (lump removed)

Extra Self Care

  • Daily breast massage with castor oil (to help with scar tissue)

  • Diffused my favourite essential oils

  • Daily walk/run

Phewww. So there you have it.

This has been path to recovery so far (in a nutshell). Over the coming weeks I will share more in-depth about what my diet actually looks like, my daily morning routine, my favourite new recipes and I can't wait to reveal to you- my new project (COMING SOON)!

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