Homestead Update: Part 2 (The Stairway To Heaven)

As far as house renovations we've made some big changes! We've knocked out a few walls, completely refurnished a few rooms, and built our stairway to heaven. Click Here to read part one of our homestead update and read all about our growing farm family first.

As for the house, we've replaced our pokey red front door, and old aluminium roller garage doors with something much more in keeping with our farmhouse look, plus we've installed a new window in the living room to open it up a little more.

Jon is absolutely brilliant when it comes to sourcing out beautiful and unique pieces for the house. Our front entry has been completely transformed with these old doors he found from a demolished pub out West. They have a beautiful old-world patina finish and ancient hinges and studs.



As we mentioned in our last update Homestead Update: A Sneak Peek Inside we have been sourcing the majority of our materials, whether it be building materials, home decor, farmhouse knick-knacks or furniture from flea markets, vintage farmhouse stores, demolition centres and of course Facebook Market Place is brilliant too!

Our garage doors, however, had to be custom-made. We had our carpenter make up these beautiful double barn doors in replacement of the existing aluminium roller doors. What an incredible difference it makes!



Another major construction we had built by our carpenter was what I like to call "our stairway to heaven". Whilst the area is yet to be landscaped (it looks a little naked at the moment) we had four flights of stairs built which lead down from the roadside to our little homestead in the making. Being that our split level home is situated on a sloping hillside and our driveway is short but awkwardly steep this stairway makes access a little easier for those on foot. Being that we live so close to the beach I would love to eventually landscape the slope into a tropical oasis.

We also had a hole cut out from the living space wall and an old school (it was literally from an old school) window installed which has completely opened up the living space.



Phewww. So there you have it guys. That's what we have been up too. Busy, busy, busy! Even though the year is coming to an end we are still moving full steam ahead and will continue to keep you updated along the way.

If there is anything you want to know please let us know! We would love to hear your questions or comments.


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